Our specialism is the development and supply of cleaning guns, couplings, hose racks, reels and hoses for sectors such as the food industry, the agricultural sector and the pharmaceutical sector, but also the hotel and catering industry and the automotive sector.
We always strive for an optimal combination of effectiveness, safety, user-friendliness and cost. AKBO’s products therefore comply with industry standards and are usually available directly from stock.


Continuous innovation

A good understanding of the challenges our customers face leads to constant adjustments and innovations. For example, the new Blue King™ cleaning gun that has been well received for its robustness, good ergonomics and low water consumption. The goal is a good cleaning result within the existing work routines. If it takes too much time, it is at the expense of productivity. If it is not done properly or unsafely, it poses a risk. And if products are not resistant, this results in extra costs. The ever-changing circumstances and requirements mean that we at AKBO continue to innovate.


Partnership & distribution

AKBO supplies exclusively to resale channels. Our knowledge is based on partnership with OEMs, suppliers of total systems and wholesalers who are close to end users. This ensures that our products fit in well with the practice on the shop floor. For more than 25 years now, AKBO has stood for delivery reliability and involvement. We are proud to contribute to the success of our clients by deploying our knowledge and capacity.


Complete relief

AKBO offers an extensive range of nine product groups. In addition, we also supply composite products, in which parts from various product groups are assembled. This saves a lot of time and capacity for the reseller and guarantees good quality. We stand for unburdening, expertise and commitment. This makes AKBO a valuable party for many companies all over the world.