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Low-flow spray head

This sprayer is characterised by a spray pattern and flow that is exactly the same as our regular cleaning gun (reference AKMN001-B). At 2 bar, the flow is about 20 l/min and rises to about 55 l/min at 16 bar. That makes it an ideal sprayer for many common cleaning jobs. It will be available in both brass and stainless steel.

The nozzle has a ½” BSPP male threaded connection and it can be opened and closed by turning the head. The spray angle can also be accurately set by turning the head.

Please click here for a product sheet with the most important technical information of this versatile sprayer.

The nozzle is available from 1 April 2019 and can be ordered under product reference AKMSHHL1-BL for the brass version and AKRSHHL1-BL for the stainless steel version.
They can also be ordered with an additional comfortable grip.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us for the price. You can also obtain a sample from us at a special discount. We are happy to help!

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